24 Hour Emergency Dentist

Dr. Rutley is here for you! NO PREMIUM CHARGES for after hours, weekends or evening appointments.  Evening and weekend appointments are available for your urgent and emergent dental needs. Dr. Rutley is your local cosmetic dentist available for emergency appointments serving all of San Diego County, He has even been known to provide care for patients on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are experiencing extreme pain, don’t continue to suffer, please call our office.

Dr. Rutley has over 29 years of experience practicing excellence in dentistry. He was the very first dentist to offer emergency dental care in San Diego and he proudly continues to offer this service to our community. He continues to be one of the very few 24-hour emergency dentists in all of San Diego.

Dr. Rutley understands that by definition a dental emergency occurs unexpectedly and without warning. This can be upsetting and scary. As a trusted emergency dental provider, he is available to his patients 24 hours a day. A traumatic injury to the mouth or an infection can have serious consequences. Contacting Dr. Rutley in emergency situations is vital to preventing further complications and dental treatments. Dr Rutley will do his best to get you in as soon as possible and manage your severe tooth pain. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, DON’T WAIT, contact Dr Rutley for an immediate emergency dental appointment.
The longer you wait to care for an emergency dental injury, the more likely it is to cause permanent damage, often resulting in the need for costly repairs and restorations down the line. It is extremely important that you visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Dr Rutley is available for all your emergent dental needs, including but not limited to:

  • Pain from tooth decay
  • Painful teeth needing root canals. Dr. Rutley has performed over 7,000 root canals in the last 30 years
  • Re-implanting teeth that have been knocked out
  • Re-building broken teeth due to sudden trauma
  • Severe hot or cold sensitivity due to abscess teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Loose or broken crowns
  • Damaged fillings
  • Infected or receding gums
  • We work with all dental PPO insurances.
  • Sorry we do not accept Medical and Medicare.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Dental Emergency services are by Appointment Only.
  • Please call us at (858)793-7107 with questions.

As a new patient, we do indeed require a comprehensive examination, including a full set of X-rays, before treatment with Dr. Rutley. This is a standard protocol aimed at ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of your dental health to provide the most accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

We understand the importance of patient involvement in their healthcare decisions, but it’s essential to note that self-diagnosis and dictation of treatment can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or incomplete assessments. Dr. Rutley is committed to providing the highest quality of care, and part of that commitment involves relying on professional expertise and diagnostic procedures to determine the most appropriate course of action for each patient’s unique needs.

Regarding extractions, our approach is always conservative, and teeth will only be extracted if there is no viable alternative for preservation. Dr. Rutley prioritizes preserving natural teeth whenever possible and will explore all available options before recommending extraction.